Greenfield Innovation Group can help jump start your SaaS product rollout.


Development powerhouse when you need it; Zero overhead when you don’t.

Minimum Viable Product with a Plan

Build-measure-learn from inception through 1.0.

Rapid Prototyping

Collaboration becomes more productive when people can try the experience and react directly. Ideas convey faster and with fewer words, to your internal team and external prospects.

Easy Collaboration and Handoff

Encouraging a Shared Mental Model and organizational success.

Top-Notch Requirements and Documentation

A well-written and spoken individual comprehends your vision quickly, writes crisp requirements, and enjoys feedback.

  • SaaS product development
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Payment Systems Components designed with PCI in mind
  • Brainstorming
  • Vetting and feasibility
  • Patent support
  • Web development
  • Mentoring

Payment Systems Readiness

Get ready to achieve the highest standard, with the help of gig PCI Preflight services.