Reduce your time-to-market with veteran development-on-demand.

UX-driven Invention

Developer career devoted to the display layer, where human interaction occurs.

Reduced Time-To-Market

Realize your vision and enjoy early mover status.

Proven Market Disruptor

Put a fiercely independent thinker onto your team. Someone who will challenge conventional assumptions and short-circuit inefficiencies.

Top-Notch Requirements and Documentation

A well-written and spoken individual comprehends your vision quickly, writes crisp requirements, and enjoys feedback.

Easy Collaboration and Handoff

Generous with ideas and knowledge-sharing, encouraging a Shared Mental Model and organizational success.

Rapid Prototyping

Collaboration becomes more productive when people can try the experience and react directly. Ideas convey faster and with fewer words, to your internal team and external prospects.

Your Secret Weapon

20 Years Startup Experience

Get to sustainable, scalable and novel inventions with less ramp-up time. Ingrained integrity you can trust.

Pitfall Avoidance

Familiarity with patterns and antipatterns means you will save time that would otherwise go to common mistakes.

Core Contrarian

There is no IP or disruptive advantage in approaching your core business in a conventional fashion. It is in our nature to challenge and beat the status quo.

Full-stack, UX-First

Where does a product differentiate itself? Where are features coveted and hotly debated? In the experience layer. Take advantage of the ability to think experience-first, and develop toward the back end. Greenfield Innovation naturally begins with the desired interaction and display, proceeds to define the API layer, and then envisions supportive back end solutions.